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Amazon Skills – How to Create Your Own Skills

Amazon Skills are tools that let you do more than talk to your Echo device. If you have the creativity and want to use it to help others, you can create your own skills using Blueprints, which are templates and information collected from different sources. You can browse through the available templates and follow the steps outlined there to build your own skills. Once you are satisfied with the skill you have created, you can then share it with others. To get started, you can visit the Amazon Skills Store.

If you want to develop your own skills, you can learn the basics of Alexa voice commands by following the link below. You’ll be able to build and test your own skills without a professional help. The best part is, the platform is free to use. So, even if you’re just starting out, you can create your own skills to help your customers. If you’re not an expert in programming, you can learn it with the help of free resources like Blueprints.

Another big issue is the lack of privacy policies for Amazon Skills, especially for kids. This stands in conflict with the laws regarding internet child protection. Amazon has not taken any steps to prevent developers from having similar trigger phrases, which can cause accidental enabling of other skills. This is known as skill squatting. The broader problem is that developers often bypass permissions without warning and are able to use the words of others in the name of their own skills.

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