How to Detect Internal Injuries From a Car Accident

You may be wondering how to detect internal hubblog injuries from a car accident. Many people self-evaluate themselves after an auto accident and self-diagnose any injuries that are not immediately visible. Although you may be able to tell that you’ve been in an accident by observing your body’s symptoms, it’s important to see a doctor if you suspect you have an internal injury. Your doctor will likely perform a CT scan, x-ray, or angiography to determine the extent of your injuries. Generally, emergency rooms begin the assessment process with an “EFAST” scan, which is an ultrasound test to determine if there is any accumulation of blood or fluids.

In addition to immediate symptoms  bloghub247, internal injuries can have long-term effects. Not only do they impact your vital organs, they can cause death if not treated immediately. In fact, every year, 60,000 people die in America because of blood loss in a car accident. Bleeding can result in lethal hemorrhagic shock, and your organs can shut down, causing serious damage. You may be entitled to compensation if you have internal injuries from a car accident. But you must be aware that this type of injury can be complicated, and that it requires extensive medical attention and may cost you a lot of money.

A car accident may cause major trauma to the organs inside your body, such as the liver and kidneys. Even a slow collision can lead to serious internal injuries. A broken rib may puncture a lung and send air into your chest, leading to a condition called pneumothorax. This condition is usually fatal. A broken rib may cause a pneumothorax, a condition requiring immediate  tter420 medical attention.

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