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Important University of Michigan Admission Requirements

If you’re thinking of attending University of Michigan, you should know the admission requirements to get in. The school’s admissions officers look at a wide variety of factors when they’re considering a student, and they’re not just looking at academics. Admissions counselors look for diverse backgrounds, intellectual interests, and passions. While they don’t admit students based on their SAT scores or ACT scores, they also look for extracurricular activities and evidence of leadership or service in the community.

For those who are considering the University of Michigan, here are the most important admission requirements:

While the University of Michigan has no set SAT or ACT score requirement, it does recommend that applicants have test scores in the middle of the range. According to U-M admission statistics, 25% of students admitted to the university had SAT scores between 1340 and 1530. ACT scores must be in the 31st to 34th percentile or higher. However, it is worth noting that the university will not admit students with lower scores, as long as they have high grades.

The University of Michigan is notoriously competitive. A typical applicant will present a distinguished record of college study. Typically, these students have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. In addition, these students will also need to submit an official high school transcript – which should include grades from nine to twelve, GED results, and dual enrollment courses. Students may also take optional SAT and ACT test scores as a high school student. Self-report test scores are also welcome.

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