Ottawa’s Most Interesting Historic Sites

If you are a history buff, you probably make a plan to see all of the most historic sites, monuments, and museums in an area you are visiting. You probably end up learning a lot about the area in general and its history from this habit.

If you are visiting Ottawa in the near future, there are so many great historic sites to see. Whether you are only there for a day, a weekend, or a whole week, there are plenty of things to fill your historic agenda. Here are Ottawa’s most interesting historic sites:

Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica

This historic landmark is the country’s largest and oldest church. The amazing exterior architecture is a preview of the gorgeous interiors of Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica. Inside are beautiful carvings and breath-taking stained glass windows.

Though the cathedral is not currently offering guided historical tours, it is open to the public every day for prayer, and there are several masses offered throughout the week.

Central Chambers National Historic Site of Canada

This historic building is 6 stories, and was designated as a National Historic Site due to its amazing example of Queen Anne Revival style architecture.

If you love old buildings and the contrast of seeing new and old buildings near each other in a city, you will have to check out this historic building in Ottawa.

National War Memorial

The National War Memorial is located in Confederation Square in Ottawa and consists of a 70-foot arch as well as a statue, constructed from granite and bronze.

The memorial serves as a tribute to all of Canada’s Armed Forces. If you happen to be visiting on Remembrance Day, be sure to bring a poppy to leave at the memorial.

Peace Tower

If you love iconic buildings and structures that serve as centerpieces to city’s skylines, and also have historical value, be sure to check out and grab some pictures of Peace Tower in Ottawa. Peace Tower was built in 1920 to replace Victoria Tower, which burned down in 1916.

Today, you can see the tower, which contains a bell and a clock and boasts a neo-gothic style of architecture.

You can also read more about it – Quandale Dingle

Laurier House National Historic Site

This historic building is the former home of two of Canada’s prime ministers. If you like political history and national history of Canada, this is a great choice for a visit while you are in Ottawa.

The site is now a museum with daily tours during the summer, and there are even attractions inside like an escape room to try your hand at.

If you love this historical value of a city, these are some of the best sites to check out in Ottawa. You may just find that you love the city’s history so much that you want to plan your future there and begin browsing Ottawa homes for sale.

Whether you love historical architecture, political history, or more, there is something for you to check out in Ottawa. Be sure to bring your camera to capture all of the historical sites in the city.

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