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Should I Delete Alexa Recordings?

You might have a few questions about Alexa and its recordings, such as whether you should delete them or play them back. Luckily, you can do both. You can delete individual recordings or the entire history. To delete recordings, go into the Alexa app and click the three dashes at the top left of the screen. From there, select account settings. Then, tap “Delete” next to each recording to remove it from your Alexa history.

The recordings are stored in the cloud, but you can delete them manually or through the Alexa app. Amazon encourages you to delete recordings before they are deleted as they can help the service learn more about you. You can delete recordings of your interactions by opening the Settings menu, choosing the date range to delete, and clicking “Delete all recordings.” You will be prompted to confirm deletion. You can also delete recordings of third-party skills that are not owned by Amazon.

To ensure that your privacy remains protected, you should regularly delete recordings of your conversations with Alexa. This way, Amazon won’t be able to track your conversations. Alexa can save your recordings if you have permission to keep them on their servers. When you delete recordings, you can also stop Alexa from saving your voice commands and transcripts. This way, you can keep Alexa out of your personal chats and conversations.

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