The Orange-Yellow Diamond: A Murder Mystery with a Gemstone Twist

The Orange-Yellow Diamond is a 1921 murder mystery novel by J. S. Fletcher. The story follows Melky Rubenstein, a Jewish detective in London, as he investigates the murder of a pawnbroker who was once the owner of a rare South African diamond. The diamond is a large, orange-yellow gem that is said to be cursed.

The novel begins with the discovery of the pawnbroker’s body. He has been stabbed to death, and the diamond is missing. Rubenstein is called in to investigate, and he soon discovers that the pawnbroker was involved in a number of shady dealings. He had a reputation for being a hard man, and he had made many enemies.

Rubenstein’s investigation leads him to a number of suspects, including the pawnbroker’s wife, his daughter, and a group of gangsters. He also learns that the diamond is being sought by a number of people, including a wealthy American businessman.

As the investigation progresses, Rubenstein uncovers a web of intrigue and deception. He learns that the pawnbroker was involved in a number of illegal activities, including smuggling and counterfeiting. He also learns that the diamond is more valuable than he originally thought.

The novel culminates in a dramatic confrontation between Rubenstein and the killer. In the end, justice is served, and the diamond is returned to its rightful owner.

The Orange-Yellow Diamond is a well-crafted mystery novel with a suspenseful plot and a satisfying ending. The characters are well-developed, and the setting is vividly described. The novel also explores themes of greed, corruption, and revenge.

One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is the role of the orange-yellow diamond. The diamond is said to be cursed, and it seems to bring misfortune to those who own it. This adds an element of supernatural suspense to the novel, and it makes the reader wonder who will be the next victim of the curse.

The Orange-Yellow Diamond is a classic mystery novel that is sure to keep readers guessing until the very end. It is a must-read for fans of the genre.

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