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Things to consider when opting for an interstate removalist

If you’re moving interstate or overseas, selecting a reputable removalist is crucial. However, with so many removalists to choose from and many offering similar services, it can take time to determine the best fit for your needs. Here are some factors to consider when selecting interstate removalists.


Accreditation is a great way to find the right one for you. How? Well, it’s simple: accreditation means that a removalist has met specific standards and requirements set by professional organisations. Some of these organisations include the Australian International Movers Association (AIMA), responsible for accrediting all international removals companies operating in Australia, and ARIA (Australia Relocation Industry Authority), which does the same for domestic removals companies.

If a company is accredited by one of these bodies, it must meet specific safety and quality criteria before becoming accredited. It ensures customers have peace of mind knowing their belongings are being handled by qualified professionals who will do everything possible to keep them safe as they travel across Australia or worldwide!


Insurance is a good idea, but it’s only for some. If you have enough goods to warrant an entire removal van, it may be worth considering extra insurance. Your removalist should offer comprehensive insurance that covers the following: taraftarium24

  • Goods in transit
  • Damage to your property or the property of others
  • Breakages and loss of goods during transit

Your home contents insurer should also cover some items, such as computers and televisions if they’re packed properly. But if you wish to go the whole hog, ensure your removalist provides cover for all your possessions, including furniture and jewellery.


Price is a factor in selecting interstate removalists, but it’s not the only one. Price will be determined by the size of your truck, how many items you have to move, how far you’re driving, and how much time they will spend on your move.

You should get quotes from at least five companies to compare prices. You may find that one company offers better value for money than another; however, don’t make this choice based solely on price, as there are other important factors to consider too!


The first step is ensuring that fragile items are packed in boxes. Use bubble wrap, blankets and other materials to protect them from moving around during transit. Once the delicate items are boxed up, use packaging tape to secure the boxes together. Use the correct size box for each item so it doesn’t move around during transit odisha discom.

Strong boxes are also necessary when relocating interstate as they can withstand heavy lifting and squeezing without breaking or collapsing while transported by a removalist company.


You can also ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations. If hiring a removalist online, look at the company’s website to see how they represent themselves to their customers. Ask for references from past clients and ensure you follow up with every one of them before committing to hiring the company.

Check the company’s accreditation status through local state or federal agencies like ASIC or Consumer Affairs Victoria – these organisations will have information on any complaints filed against that business over a certain period (usually three years). 


As a moving company, you want to ensure that the location of your interstate removalist is as close to you as possible. This way, they can get to your property quicker and save time and money on transportation costs. When looking at the location of their premises, make sure that they have a good reputation in your area and are licensed by the relevant authorities.

It would be helpful if you also looked into whether any reputable bodies or associations accredit them to ensure that their services meet industry standards and comply with all regulations set out by local governments. Finally, check if the company has obtained insurance for its employees and vehicles before hiring them for an interstate removalist service.

Estimate travel times and costs

  • Consider the size of your load: It is essential to consider how many items you will be moving and how much space each item will occupy in the truck, trailer or container.
  • Consider the distance to be travelled: Make sure you know how far away from your current home your new destination is located. Also, ensure it’s within a reasonable driving distance for an interstate removalist to travel daily without exceeding their legal hours of work or causing them to exceed their regular working hours at all (because they won’t be able to drive at night).
  • Consider whether it’s winter or summer when planning your move: Most moves occur during winter months because there are fewer holidays like Easter, Christmas etc., which means less competition for interstate removalists’ services at this time of year but also higher costs associated with fuel prices due to less demand during those times.

Choose your moving dates wisely

  • Avoid major public and school holidays, particularly during the summer when families travel.
  • If you’re moving interstate during a long weekend, factor in extra time to get through peak times on the roads.
  • Try to avoid moving during school terms as well. You’ll have less of an opportunity for delays if you do it outside those periods.

Thus, choosing the right interstate removalist can be daunting and time-consuming, but following these factors will help you find the best option for your needs. Finally, the price may seem like a good quality indicator, but many factors are at play when finding the right removalist for your needs. So consider all of them. Happy moving!

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