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Top 5 Entertainment Marketing Trends for 2015

If you’re looking to engage the millennial generation, entertainment marketing is the way to go. It opens up the opportunity to do so via celebrity endorsement deals, product placement in music videos and films, and event sponsorship activation at hot fashion events. Celebrity endorsements make a brand more appealing to consumers and increase its appeal to an increasingly discerning audience. And what’s better than having your brand endorsed by a popular personality? Whether it’s a celebrity or a popular brand, if you can engage with them in the right way, you can reach a huge audience and maximize your brand’s exposure.

The biggest entertainment marketing trend is direct fan support. While many people turn to streaming services, others still consume content directly from YouTube creators. However, many YouTube creators have trouble making a living off the monetization generated by the videos they upload. Enter Patreon, which is a crowd funding site where viewers voluntarily pay a small monthly subscription to creators in exchange for access to special content. The goal is to encourage fans to support these creators in return for exclusive access to their content.

While this trend may seem unlikely to impact the entertainment industry, it is worth taking note of because it’s an area that’s already growing. VR technology allows people to experience content in a completely new way, allowing for limited human interaction. Another trend is esports. Esports is a video game played on a computer that replicates a stadium environment. However, the emotional impact of the game is similar. If you’re looking for new ideas for bringing fans closer to your brand, consider using virtual reality as a tool to reach out to consumers.

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