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Top Entertainment App Downloads in 1Q19

Aside from playing games, you can download entertainment apps as well. Entertainment apps can range from funny clips and movie trailers to game apps, tabloid news, sports, gambling and betting, and more. Regardless of your interests or your current location, you will be sure to find an app that meets your needs. Some of the most popular entertainment apps are listed below. For instance, TikTok is one of the most downloaded entertainment apps, as it allows users to upload short videos and share them with the world. You can also watch millions of funny clips uploaded by other users and rate them.

Another great entertainment app is Flixster. This app gives users instant access to a large library of movies and TV shows. It also offers a free trial month. Users can purchase multiple packages to keep costs down. Moreover, users can watch popular television shows, movies, and short web series for free. Some people enjoy watching songs from the early 1990s, or rewatching clips from their favorite movies. For those who enjoy documentaries, a subscription to the Flixster app offers a plethora of programs on popular topics.

Aside from the App Store, Latin America and Asia are the main growth markets for entertainment apps. In 1Q19, downloads from the Play store for entertainment apps will grow by more than 78 million, and in Latin America, they will grow by almost a half billion. While North America will experience only a modest growth of 58 million, the region will remain the third largest source of entertainment app downloads in 2023. With all of the growth in mobile devices, there’s no end in sight for the entertainment app market.

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