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Which Kpop Company Treats Their Idols Well?

Which kpop company treats their idols well? It is important to recognize that there are plenty of companies that don’t take care of their idols. In this article, we’ll talk about which of the companies that do treat their idols well do. Listed below are some examples. Keep in mind that they are all still based in Korea. However, there are some differences among them, as well.

The first thing to know is the contract terms of K-pop companies. Idols sign long-term contracts, which means that they’re committing to this company for life. Idols often fail to realize that their contracts are permanent, requiring them to commit to it until they reach adulthood. The contracts also require them to go through years of training, which can cost tens or even fifteen years before they are made public. Some of these contracts are very stipulative, including blackmailing or demanding exit fees.

SM Entertainment is a company that is incredibly strict on its idols’ health and wellness. Some of its idols train up to thirteen hours a day and sleep between eleven and twelve at night. Currently, the company has several famous artists, including taiwanese stars lisa and tzuyu. There are also Japanese and Chinese kpop stars such as yuqi and yuto. These companies have been in the entertainment business for much longer than HYBE and have consistently high average sales.

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