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Wire cutters for electricians

Wire cutters are tools that are capable of doing everything from cutting wires to removing screws. They are one of the most vital tools for an electrician. Still, it is vital for safety reasons that electricians use insulated wire cutters to guard against electric shocks. 

So what are the best wire cutters for electricians?

Klein Tools D228-8 Pliers

These pliers from Klein Tools balance convenience with power and are suitable for a wide array of wire-cutting tasks. At eight inches in length, they can generate the leverage required for heavy-duty projects but are also suitable for more precise, smaller jobs because of their fairly short jaws. 

Knipex High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

These wire cutters are safe for live wires, making them ideal for electricians. They are also extremely durable because of their chrome vanadium steel construction; although their length of eight inches could be too much for some users, as could their higher cost. 

Nonetheless, these wire cutters offer the precision craftsmanship that has come to be expected from Knipex products while also being insulated for safety. The handles can cope with up to as much as 1000 volts of electricity and even come with a ridge at the top to ensure the user’s hands do not accidentally slip forward while using the tool. 

These tools also come with an extra sharp cutting edge that makes them perfect for dealing with a wide array of materials such as piano wire, soft copper and nails. 

Klein Tools Heavy Duty Automatic Wire Stripper

Professional electricians will find exactly what they need with this wire cutter and its highly convenient stripping mechanism. The clearly labelled holes and fitted teeth enable the user to strip a large array of wiring sizes just by having the handles squeezed together. It also comes with a protective finish to guard against rust or corrosion. 

This model is very useful but too complex for DIY users and aimed primarily at those serious about electrical work. 

LAOA Needle-nose Pliers with Stripper

The LAOA is vital when the job at hand is reaching stubborn and small wires within tight spaces. This tool is designed with induction-hardened carbon steel blades, intended to give maximum value for money and come with a long life. 

The LAOA can also do more than just cut wires, featuring stripping slots, and the tool is also made with non-conductive rubber to make it properly insulated for use with electrical wires. The grip also helps make it easier to handle wires properly. 

4-in-1 Lineman Plier

These wire cutters are designed to provide a smooth experience with every use. Their nine-inch handle increases comfort and leverage and is also designed with insulated material to make it safer for professional electricians working with live wires. 

Wire cutters are the fastest and easiest ways to cut wires, and electricians need to use the best tools to ensure accuracy and safety in their daily work. 

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